Finca La Maya Moringa

Known in many countries around the world as the tree of life,
this amazing Moringa tree is now being grown right here in our community.11 Deleafing Photo

If you haven’t already heard about this miraculous plant, meet the Moringa!

Moringa, a ‘superfood’ and the most nutritious plant known to man, contains 90 nutrients, including 36 anti-inflammatories and 46 anti-oxidants. Moringa leaves, flowers, fruits and stems can all be consumed. Moringa can grow in arid soils. The ‘Miracle Tree’ can grow one foot in a single month, and reach more than 20 feet high in the first year.
The health benefits of Moringa are truly amazing. Under the tab Health benefits Moringa, you’ll find out what Moringa can do for you.

Finca la Maya is a government-certified reforestation farm. We are cultivating totally organic, irrigated, healthy orchards of hundreds of Moringa Olifeira trees.

Finca La Maya produces:  Pods on Trees

  • Young trees, grown form seeds in our greenhouse, for distribution to local residents and growers as far away as Panama’s Azuero peninsula.
  • Totally handpicked and processed organic leaves.
  • Moringa seeds grown by trees in our orchard.
  • Pure Moringa powder.Our pure Moringa powder is finely-milled for use as a dietary supplement, tea or for a multitude of other uses.
    It is selected by individual leaf quality, low-temperature dried and entirely hand-processed.

Finca La Maya has been conducting research, growing and hand-processing organic Moringa for four years.
Our objectives include:

  • Educating local communities.
  • Improve and support family health.
  • Improve organic vegetable production.
  • Develop and encourage more organic agricultural in Panamanian communities.
  • Produce Moringa products to distribute throughout Panama, especially in poor communities in the interior where malnutrition is rampant.
  • expand current research and cultivation.
  • increase processing capabilities, which requires more labor and equipment.
  • continue research and documentation involving individuals and patients with various health conditions and challenges.
  • summarize and publish findings in controlled studies of daily Moringa use in individual diets.In collaboration with international Moringa experts and organizations such as Félix Guerra Marté and the Earth Project in Panama, to continue local research and development of Moringa organic products and eventually to produce a liquid fertilizer and other products for use in organic environments.

Finca La Maya hopes to achieve its goals with the encouragement and support of local individuals, health and educational organizations to spread the word and use of the mighty MORINGA!

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