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About Finca La Maya

Mission Statement Why Panama? Hopes and Dreams


Finca La Maya is an international Cultural Arts and Events Center, located an hour from Panama City on the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. That also means no hurricanes, clean drinking water, gentle and kind people - the list is endless. We provide a unique and inspiring environment where individuals, groups, educators, or professionals of any kind can offer their events, meetings, courses, or workshops in a variety of arts - painters, writers, photographers, dance, as well as yoga, massage, and other alternative health and lifestyle topics. Programs can range from short workshops to two-week sessions and anyone may participate, from beginners to advanced professionals.

Professionals, leaders, and educators are invited to organize one-week sessions, bringing their own groups. Sessions range from 5-7 days and nights, and packages include transportation to and from the airport, accommodation, and meals. Non-participating spouses, partners and day-students are welcome, depending on space.

Finca La Maya can also provide a meeting site for various cultural events, team-building or business meetings, special-interest groups or retreats. Group rates are available.

What makes Finca La Maya unique is the combination of internationally-renowned instructors, intensive and focused studio time, the exploration of other art forms including music, literature, poetry and dance, the diversity of our participants, and an exceptional site.

Finca La Maya is developing international workshops and courses, innovative sessions for students and local residents, a visiting artist's program, scholarship opportunities, and more. La Maya continues to evolve with the interests and ideas of those who visit here.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a unique and inspiring environment so that our guests can revitalize, expand their talents, realize their visions, and at the same time, enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in a unique place that is exciting, comfortable, safe and worry-free.

Finca La Maya is in the process of becoming a research and educational facility for various disciplines in the visual arts, as well as others including writing, yoga, dance, alternative health and medicine. We welcome all course proposals. Please contact us directly for more details.

La Maya's original mission was to teach fine arts, develop latent or inherent creative ability, and carry on research and development in connection with the arts.

La Maya's ambition is to be the catalyst, to inspire, to develop latent or inherent creative ability, and to sponsor excellent events in connection with the arts.

People come to Finca La Maya to develop and discover skills, to nurture their creativity, to ask questions, to reassess their work, and to push into the unknown. We strongly believe that this environment can change people's lives.

Why Panama?

- First: Relax. Refresh. Restore! Luxuriate in tranquility and soak up the sensuality of Panama's tropical climate.
- You'll be delighted by your surroundings and comfortable accommodations, indulged and pampered by our staff.
- Relax by the pool, go surfing, swimming, diving. The Pacific Ocean is close-by.
- Put on your hat and let the horses take you for a ride.
- Head up to the mountains to visit the village built in the crater of an extinct volcano!
- Enjoy healthy, delicious Panamanian dishes prepared with fresh, natural ingredients and spices by our talented cook.
- Unlike some other Central American countries, Panama's water, countryside and people are welcoming, kind, and safe.
- If your soul needs harmonic balance, thermal waters and a full-service spa are nearby.
- Panama's micro-climates nurture magnificent rainforests, exotic animals, bird and butterfly species, centennial trees, glorious waterfalls, and lush flora 'eco-travelers' paradise!
- Panama has a unique history. Visit Spanish ruins, archeological sites, and colorful markets for handcrafts created by local indigenous cultures.
- Finca La Maya can help you arrange tours, spa treatments, adventure sports, yacht excursions or an endless number of eco-tourism opportunities in Panama. Prices vary, group rates are available.


- Visit the Panama Canal. One of the most impressive engineering feats of the modern world, the man-made canal is 51 miles in length and cuts across the isthmus linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
- Panama's Rainforests. More species of birds and trees are found in Panama - a country the size of France - than in the entire northern European continent. So impressive are the flora and fauna in Panama, the Smithsonian Institute for tropical Studies built a center here.
- Luxurious world class golf courses are close by.
- There are hundreds of islands to explore off the coasts of Panama.
- Panama holds the world record for largest deep-sea fish caught.
- Surfers come from all over the world to ride the sets found along Central America's Pacific coast.
- Panama City is ready to entertain the most sophisticated palate. Visitors are awed by the great variety of excellent world class restaurants.

Hopes and Dreams

The number and quality of our programs at FLM is dependent on the talents and generosity of our supporters. Eventually we hope to become a full-fledged art and cultural center, with our ultimate goal to provide educational opportunities, cultural enrichment and greater appreciation for the arts within our local community. Finca La Maya hopes to also eventually offer academic credit with the University of Florida, and other art schools and universities in Panama, the USA, and France.

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