The process of making pure Moringa powder

Orchard Moringa Best

Moringa trees at Finca La Maya

Our Moringa powder is pure, organic and hand-processed. We take pride in it to know that each and every bottle or bag with our product that leaves Finca La Maya, is of the highest quality.

To make the Moringa ready to consume in form of powder, there is a lot of work to be done. It takes 7 pounds (seven!) of fresh Moringa leaves to make only 1 pound of powder.

Step 1: Growing plants
Our trees are grown using organic seeds from Moringa trees that have been grown

Harvesting leaves (part of step 2)

Harvesting leaves

on our farm. No pesticides or chemicals of any kind are used on soil or plants.

Step 2: Harvesting leaves
Branches of Moringa leaves are removed from trees. Leaves are removed from branc

hes one-by-one, so that only the leaves are ready for drying.

Step 3: Drying leaves

11 Deleafing Photo

removing leaves from branches, one-by-one

Moringa leaves are placed on a dryer for dehydration.
Small fans circulate the air (115-120 F / 46 – 49 C) so that dehydration of leaves occurs evenly. Approximate time for drying of leaves is 16 hours (low


temperature deh

ydration helps maintain the nutritional integrity of plant contents).

1 Clean Room Workplace BEST Cropt

Clean room workplace at Finca La Maya

Step 4: Grinding dried leaves
Dehydrated Moringa leaves are processed in a commercial grinder until a fine powder is achieved.

Step 5: Packaging dried powder
Dried powder is weighed and placed in special air-tight food quality plastic bags, or in vegetarian clear gel capsules, then sealed in plastic bottles.


4 Clean Room Dryer BEST wTwo employees

Employees discuss work in front of the custom-designed dryer in the clean room

7 Clean Room WEIGHING bags Powder

Moringa powder digitally weighed for packaging

5 Clean Room Capsules Labeling production BEST

Packaging capsules and powder