Your donation can make the difference between a child’s successful future, or the future they may be stuck with as a result of the limitations of their families’ means or under-priviledged environment. Even local schools cannot meet the needs of their students. There are not enough schools, teachers, or books in Panama’s small rural communities…not to mention the laptop computers that students in other countries are so dependent on for their research, projects, and online education.

Here’s how it works: your contribution will go to the Student Sponsoring general fund, which is used to support projects in the free community programs. Several times a year, your sponsored student(s) will provide you with an update, letter, or news of their progress. This will be provided by our website, or perhaps (by older students) with a personal message to you. We promise you one thing: you will be amazed. And their lives will be changed, forever.

Track their progress, witness their successes as lives are changed by your contribution to improving their education.

Giving back; a hand up, not a handout.


Sponsor a Teacher