The Arts Center at La Maya is dedicated to the spirit of creativity in all its forms: exploration, imagination, pushing boundaries, growth in personal, emotional, and experiential disciplines.

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Featured Event

Art & Christmas Bazaar 2021

Artists: RESERVE NOW!   Shoppers, mark your calendars!

Painters, quilters, ceramicists, clothing and jewelry makers, woodworkers, sculptors,
craftspeople, bakers, chefs… ALL welcome, anyone with something interesting to sell!

Saturday, 11 December 2021,  9am - 3pm

Come sell your creations or buy unique, fabulous Christmas gifts!

Tell your friends - Bring your whole family - Meet your neighbors!

Shop, eat, party at Hacienda La Maya (find us on WAZE or Google maps)

Reserve your space by 4 December!  Call 6334-3468   or  240-8281 

Vendors’ fee $20 *  Pay online with DONATION button. Bring your own table, one chair provided.

* Proceeds will be used to provide Christmas gifts for local young children * 
Donations and volunteers welcome for the childrens' party with Santa

We are all educators, of something! We invite teachers, practitioners, and professionals to host their sessions and workshops: for painters, writers, photographers, dance, yoga, massage, and any alternative health and lifestyle topics.

On a first-come, first-served basis, we will do our best to accommodate preferred session dates. Please send us a short and concise course/session description, dates preferred, and a resume or biography for the organizer(s). In some cases, La Maya can help promote sessions. Please contact us directly here to submit a course proposal.