Always news at Finca La Maya…

Halelluja studentsYear after year FLM Community Programs are making a difference

Exciting things continue at Finca La Maya’s Community Programs. Because of you, our supporters near and far, many poor Panamanian families lives are being changed for the better!

Every Saturday, for more than seven years now, we host our free classes: three levels of English, Art for Kids and a computer lab.  Our students are showing signs of the benefits of our programs: some have been admitted to universities, a few have won scholarships, and many are getting better paying jobs. These fantastic results are creating improved lives for our students and their families. We ask you to please be part of the difference we are making in these kids’ lives!

New hope. For those of you who have visited or volunteered at FLM, you know that our location is not easily accessible by public transportation. Each week dedicated students must travel by foot, bicycle, or hire a taxi to attend our classes. Some students who want to improve their lives cannot even afford to buy a bus ticket. BIG on our wish list: to provide a small van and driver on Saturdays so they can get to us! We’re sure that attendance will increase, broadening our reach to more of those in need.

Future educators. Your contribution can help pay three loyal teachers in La Maya’s English language programs. Teaching and learning a language requires consistent organization and continuity; so now we pay some teachers, while also still depending on volunteers. Two instructors at La Maya are also students at the University of Panama, studying for their degrees in education. Please help us support them by donating what you can to help them earn their degrees. (see “Sponsor a child” on our website)

Sponsor a Child. Another option to show your support is to sponsor a child.  On our website choose a student and support them by making a donation in their name.  Periodically, your sponsored student can send you a note about their progress and how you are helping them change their life.

Generosity. We at Finca La Maya are dedicated to continuing our community programs. Our volunteers and donations make it possible to sponsor these activities. Please show your support by contributing whatever you can, and know that you are an active part in changing the future for these families struggling to better their world.

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Finca La Maya in San Carlos provides FREE classes for English, Art for Kids, and a Computer Lab. Classes are held every Saturday and there is also a bilingual library. All activities are supported entirely by donations and volunteers. FLM always needs more of both! The programs at Finca La Maya depend on the generosity of supporters and donations. Every dollar helps, donations may be made directly on our website. Thank you for your support!