Article in Newsroom Panama, posted January 7, 2017

Celebrating 10 years of community giving

Starr and Steve, fpr whom retirement means involvement

By Lourdes Quijada

THE INVITATION  reads: “You are invited to the biggest  party of them all”  which for those who   have experienced any of the  events raising funds for Finca La Maya Community programs that means that this one is going to be truly a day to remember.

Starr McCamant  and husband Steve are celebrating, at their San Carlos home  with neighbors, friends, supporters, and those they have helped along the way, the 10thanniversary of community programs that have benefited hundreds of less fortunate Panamanians and served as  an inspirational example to others who have retired in Panama and seem content to spend their energies complaining rather than doing.

The anniversary celebrations start on Saturday January, 14 at 3 pm  and fun is promised for for everyone with a horse show, food, live music, dancers, art, karaoke and a talent show.

Artists are welcome to display their  work  or perform in the shows that start at 4pm. The invitation invites all and sundry to “Show the world your art, your gig & win a prize”.

To sign up go to  …  with name, and your act or art.

When I first visited Finca La Maya, 10 years ago,  Starr, a retired advertising exec, was at the beginning of a program, utilizing her  art director experience to involve local kids in an art program.

Husband Steve, who turned out be a master of the art of barbecuing. was still flying for Federal Express, but devoting his “rest” periods to help water the  community tree that his wife had planted.

The solitary seedling quickly grew and added branches, from computer programs  to a lending library, and English language classes,

Music classes

And on each branch appeared  new blossoms including family movie night, music  and dance classes, an annual  Christmas Gingerbread party for local children, scholarship coordination with the American Society of Panama and – with  US universities , English classes for local National Polices, sponsored interns from many countries,  conferences for sustainable and organic farming, green home building, an Art Bazaar to promote local artists, sculpture workshops, production and distribution of natural supplements made from the “miracle tree”  Moringa Oliefera on the property, and wine tasting seminars.

The list goes on, all to be  celebrated on January 14:  and for Finca La Maya Community programs: Happy Anniversary

For more info on the event, and directions:   www.fincalamaya.org240 8281.