Big Success for St. Patty’s Day fundraiser at Finca La Maya

All of us at Finca La Maya – children, students, volunteers and teachers – send a very big thank you and congratulations for your participation in our success at last Saturday’s fundraiser. We are so fortunate to have so many generous supporters in our wonderful community!

A big crowd turned out and everyone participated in something ~ golf, games, contests for kids, raffle and delicious dinners. The result of this year’s fundraiser for our free programs was the most successful of them all!

That support includes donations from guests who signed up for La Maya’s newest program: sponsoring individual students in our classes.

By day’s end eighteen students had sponsors. This is phenomenal and we are deeply grateful to you all!

If you have not checked out this new and ONLINE sponsoring program, please visit the sponsor a child page on this website.

Meet some of the students who attend our classes, learn more about them… and pick your own future success story to sponsor!

The funds from the event will be used for supplies and materials on our “wish list” including:

  • CDs to assist the English-language classes and individual tutorials
  • CDs of music and songs in English for our young students (some just learning to write)
  • A portable sound system to use in classes for English-language CDs, tutorial programs and music.
  • A large flatscreen TV monitor for the classes
  • Instruction aids for volunteer teachers and assistants
  • Additional shelving for the bi-lingual library
  • Repair or placement of broken tables and chairs
  • Weekly pay for two teachers’ assistants every week.
  • Internet connection for the library and classroom
  • And finally, we have been working with individuals and companies in an effort to obtain donations or purchase of refurbished or discounted laptops from DELL Panama, Apple Computer in the USA, or a private Canadian group. Our goal is to champion a “Laptops-for-Education” program similar to that offered by Apple Computer in the USA.

With proceeds from the fundraiser, they were given “study kits” (see below) that I put together for use in their English classes at Finca La Maya…AND we got another 15-20 NEW students!

  • We cannot possibly thank each individual, company, or organization for their important contributions. As always, we welcome our supporters input and extend to you our invitation to come join the fun, participate in our activities, witness successes in action.  We are deeply grateful to all who helped plan, instigate, orchestrate, and pull off our best event ever!



With happy hearts,

The team at Finca La Maya