Big party Saturday 14 January 2017

In 2007, the community programs began at Finca La Maya.

As you know, there have been so many events, so many lessons, so many parties and community activities over the years. Remembering all of the events is impossible, let alone decide which ones were the best… there were so many! Maybe the Christmas parties, or or… or just the making of the gingerbread houses. All those kids who were having so much fun…

And what about the people who learned English at Finca La Maya. After so many years many have gone on to create their own success stories. That’s really what it’s been all about!

And then it hits me; 2007… that’s almost ten years ago! The cliché ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is a certain thing in this case. Just as certain as the ‘We couldn’t have done it without you!’

Ten years community programs at Finca La Maya deserves a big celebration! And we really want to do this with you! There will be a talent show, live music, lots of surprises  and guaranteed fun for the whole family.

So please, mark the date, don’t plan anything else and come join our big fun party!
Second weekend of the new year: 14 January 2017.