La Maya Arts Center Offers Free Classes to Communities in Panama

Finca La Maya Center for the Arts offers free courses to local families.

Finca La Maya’s goal is to enhance education and cultural opportunities for local Panamanians. Most primary schools in Panama’s smaller, poorer “interior” (rural) communities cannot afford to hire teachers or provide materials for English or art instruction for their classrooms. With new luxury resort communities developing at a staggering rate, the local residents’ world is already changing profoundly. Learning new skills can equip them with better employment possibilities, enriched lives for their families, and help them afford a better standard of living.

The Culture Arts Center at La Maya was opened to the public in January of 2007. As a way of “giving back” to our community, La Maya offers classes every Saturday: English language classes (for all ages), “Art for Kids”, and a computer skills workshop. With support from the community a bi-lingual library was completed in February 2009.

Since January 2007, the number of students has grown steadily and new students appear every month. Up to one hundred participants have attended the weekly community programs at La Maya, coming from communities all along Panama’s Pacific coast. And there are constant success stories! Older students’ applications are being accepted to universities because of their progress in La Maya’s English classes and some are applying for international exchange scholarships. Local expats are learning Spanish too!

The number and quality of our programs at La Maya is dependent on the talents and generosity of our supporters.

Friends, a few private sponsors, and local residents have donated all teaching materials and art supplies. Volunteers also provide all instruction. La Maya hopes that businesses and other organizations will join our efforts by donating materials needed for the no-cost programs. Books, paper, audio visual aids, tables, chairs, laptops and teaching supplies are always needed. Please contact La Maya directly for details, or come visit us!


YOU can make a difference! Help us offer the possibility of more knowledge and a better future to our community’s children. We ask you, our supporters, to help us build their steps toward a better future. We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation. Join us by contributing whatever you can. Every penny helps! Our community’s childrens’ lives are changed by your Donation.